• This page will be used on a four-week cycle with students able to view lists of vocabulary words for their review assignments and tests only.  Students are expected to keep accurate, timely notes for their weekly work, and the review lists will only be available during the actual review week.  
    A friendly reminder to students and families: No weekly word lists will be posted here.  Students are expected to take notes in class each Monday and to keep their notes for each four-week cycle. 
    Links will become active during the given review week.  
    Dates of tests and due dates for student work are subject to inclement weather and/or other changes in the school calendar.  
     Review Week    Date Due and Test Date
     Weeks 1-4 October 11th, 2019 
     Weeks 5-8    November 15th, 2019 
     Weeks 9-12  
     Weeks 13-16  
     Weeks 17-20  
     Weeks 21-24  
     Weeks 25-28