• Using Instructional Technology to Publish

    Need some great tools for producing and sharing your work using technology? 

    Digital Storytelling  

    Adobe Spark: Create a page, video, or post


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    Canva presentation tool

    You can create images for presentations and import them into an Adobe Spark video or Google Slide. Can also be downloaded as a PDF. 

    Presentation Example

    Canva Example

    Clips- For iPhone or iPad

    Create a video presentation with backgrounds, text, narration, images, transcription, etc. 

    App Store info

    Clips tips and tutorial

    Clips Example



    Sway--Office 365 Microsoft product for visual stories




    Canva Try using an Infographic template

    You can also use a tool such as Prezi, or Power Point to create a timeline.

    Movie Maker--Windows

    Office Mix--Power Point with video 


    If you would like to work on recording video, there are multiple options. Students can bring in a phone, record, and if necessary use something like iMovie to edit.  Can upload to YouTube for you to show to the class.  They could also use a video recording camera at school.  They can then upload it to their Google Drive on the Chromebook after plugging in the camera with a USB, and then retrieve it at home if they want to use editing software like Movie Maker.  Then they can bring in the final on thumb drive or can try to upload back to Google Drive. Or, you can use a Desktop computer in the library and edit in Movie Maker here at school.

    You can also try to use a Google add-on called We Video that can capture video with the Chromebook camera. The problem is that you have to do the skit in front of the Chromebook to record.


    Other things to consider: