7th grade Robotics

  • Welcome to Integrated Technology! 

    Welcome to another year at Eisenhower Middle School. My name is Ms. Sanders and I am excited to have the opportunity to teach your student’s Integrated Technology class this year. This year students will be focusing on the engineering design process as they design and build new and innovative solutions to real-world problems. They will build their own robot using the Lego Mindstorms Kit and programming their robot to solve various challenges. We are going to find out how things work, build things that work, and then make them work!

    I encourage a lot of self-discovery in Integrated Technology--we learn to be our own problem-solvers! I want students to explore other options to find the answer before they ask me (Google? A friend? A book? Experimenting?)

    Part of every student's grade is based on their team work qualities, as graded in Leadership Points (30%). The other parts of each student's grade are on project (assignment) completion and quality (60%), and typing (10%).

    I look forward to this explorative journey together!