• Homework will typically be assigned every night, Monday-Friday, and should not excede 20 minutes of effort. The content of homework assignments is designed to support the lesson taught in class that day. Student's will write homework assignments in their Ike Pages each day. DOING HOMEWORK ON THE DAY THAT IT IS DUE IS CRITICAL TO THE PROGRESSION OF SKILLS BEING TAUGHT IN CLASS.
    Homework is graded based on completion/effort only, and does not indicate mastery of skill(s). Grading will be based on a quick check/honor system.
       4    (A) - All problems attempted/completed. Turned in on due date. (The school day after it was assigned.)
       3.5 (B+) - All problems attempted/completed. Turned in one day after the due date. (Two school days after it was assigned.)
                  Students are responsible for showing homework to me, as I will not ask to see any past-due assignments.
       3   (C) - All problems completed with work and explanations that go above and beyond what is posted on the answer keys. I will accept late homework for a grade of 2 any time before the conclusion of an instructional unit. 
        0   (F) - Homework that is not done, or that is not checked with me before the conclusion of any given instructional unit.
    Students should not let themselves get far too behind on homework, as a build-up of past-due assignments will prove to be overwhelming and unproductive.