• Everett Public Schools Equity and Access Department  - At Home Flexible Daily Schedule: A Quick Guide for Parents



    This is only a suggestion for students.  It looks like this is what all students are doing, but this is not true.  Each family will do what they are able.  Understand this is only a suggestion to help guide you with what school-online might look like.  If you are trying to do engagement, you are on the right track.  Some will always do more and some will always do less.  Find your level of engagement and make it FUN!

    Do what your family can to support your child(ren)'s engagement!

    If you need support, email the teacher.  They really want to connect with you and your child!

    If you need emotional support, email me or Grace Iverson on the Counseling page.  Just click on either name and it will direct you to our email.

    Until then, find the suggested daily routine for your child below.