• Social-Emotional Learning during the School District closure:


    The Pixel Counselor - Social-Emotional Learning through Books!


    Home Links are simple, fun activities that encourage interaction between students and their adult family members, caregivers, or other important adults. The activities give students a chance to practice Second Step skills outside of school and help families learn about the skills so they can use them at home.

    • MindUp Videos

      MindUP has a variety of video resources to support students in learning the language of emotions and to use their words to express how they're feeling. This is a curriculum within the Achieve program but is open to all.

      • Select a video and practice the skill. After watching the video your student can reflect (talk, write, draw) on the skills and share times they might use it to help them.
      • Depending on your student’s needs they can engage in this activity once a week to daily for 15-30 minutes

      Watch a Mind Up video and practice a skill. Videos must be watched on a personal device since student devices filter Vimeo.


    • Family Podcast: 
      • The Imagine Neighborhood -  An interactive podcast for everyone in the family, kids and adults, to explore different feelings we all have!