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    Avoiding Plagiarism 

    Giving credit to others for the words, facts, and ideas you borrow from them
    for your own writing is vital to honest writing. Not giving credit is a form
    of stealing called plagiarism.

    The sites below can help you understand what plagiarism is and how to avoid it.

    Western Washington University:Student's Guide to Avoiding Plagiarism 

    Making Bibliography Citations

    Giving credit to your sources is a very important part of avoiding plagiarism. Part of giving credit includes listing the books, web sites, magazines and other types of resources that you used in collecting information.




    Citation Machine

    How to cite a film or video

    How to cite a website


    Citations in text (also knows as parenthetical notes)

    The most common way to give credit in your writing is to use parenthetical notes (citations in text) to tell your readers about the source of your information. As you quote or paraphrase a source, you list information about the source in the same section of your writing.

    The site below provides rules and examples for making in-text citations (parenthetical notes).

    Parenthetical notes - rules and examples for print & electronic


    Cornell Notes

    A system of taking, organizing and reviewing notes used by high school and college students. 

    Note Taking