Look for the Humor

Posted by Leanne Geary on 4/1/2020 9:00:00 AM

Copied from Calm Daily Mindfulness posting for April 1, 2020 (April Fools Day):

"Look for the humor in a frustrating situation or connect with someone who makes you laugh. Notice how laughter impacts your mood."

I know that we are experiencing life in a way that we never have before.  I hope you all are okay and that you are finding ways to find some peace and laughter every day, even when it seems hard or difficult to do.  If it was always easy, then maybe we stop seeing the value in the endeavor. Keep trying. Don't give up.

I continue to add things in Google Classroom, in the stream and classroom features.  I try to update my Webpage calendar when I add something new and to show what is available every day. I will continue to post Daiy Brain Teasers during "Spring Break" but won't add any additional content until April 13th.  I will respond to email and student comments in Google classroom during that time as well.  Personally, I respect anyone's need to step away for "Spring Break"--it's valid--and I am choosing to be available, on a limited basis, because that is what is important to me. 

Find something that makes you laugh every day & I will update my blog after April 13th.  Be well. Take care.