Our Spelling Curriculum

    Students work on spelling word lists during their word work rotation of Literacy Rotations. We also work on spelling in the context of student writing and learn different spelling patterns.
    Spelling skills fall under the Common Core Language standards.
    No Excuse Spelling Words for 3rd Grade:
    a about all an and
    are as at  be  but 
    by  can  do  each  for 
    from  had  have  he  his 
    how  if  in  is 
    it many  not  of  on 
    one  or  out  sad  she 
    that  the  their  them  then 
    three  they  this  to  too
    two up  was  we  were 
    what  when  which  will with 
    you your       
    Good Spellers...
    • Look for patterns
    • Look for word parts
    • Write sounds in words
    • Try several ways to write a word
    • Think about words that sound the same
    • Check to see if words look right
    • Think about what words mean
    • Practice words
    • Look for words in classroom or other resources (word walls, charts, etc.)
    • Use a dictionary to check
    • Ask someone if they can't figure it out