3rd Grade Reading


    Digital Reading Resources for Home:

    Accelerated Reader (AR Quizzes) - Now includes online articles and short quizzes to go with them. Accessible from the District Student Tools page

    iReady Reading (at students' levels) - Accessible from the District Student Tools page


    Optional Reading Response Pages to Download and Print:

    Comic Strip Boxes - Students could draw a scene from a book they are reading or create their own story or scene.

    Character Cube - Fill in information about a character, then cut out, fold, and tape or glue to make a cube.

    Remarkable Book Review - Students write a review about a book they've read. 


     More Information About Our Reading Curriculum:


    OReading ur reading curriculum consists of whole class Shared Reading with grade-level texts, small group Guided Reading with texts at students' developmental reading level, and individual or small group work in Literacy Rotations. We use the Reach for Reading curriculum as well as other supplemental materials that are aligned to the Common Core State Standards.


    Shared Reading lessons include the close reading of both fiction and non-fiction passages and responding to them to prepare for the SBA, as well as, a literature focus with the CIA (Collect, Interpret, Apply) unit of study for the book, Poppy. 

    For Literacy Rotations, we will use the Daily 5 model:
    1 - Read to Self & AR Quizzes
    2 - Read to Someone/ Partner Reading - Offer "Coaching or Time?" when someone is stuck on a word.
    3 - Work on Writing including Writing Assignments and Free Choice Writing
    4 - Word Work - including Spelling practice, Vocabulary, and Phonics
    5 - Listen to Reading - Storyline Online - many of these stories have AR quizzes, also