3rd Grade Writing

  • Three Main Forms of Writing We Cover in 3rd Grade with Information and Resources:

    Narrative Story Resources

    Narrative Info Handout

    Narrative Template/Planning Boxes

    Narrative Story Checklists with Pictures


    Informational Article Resources

    Informational Report Info Handout

    Informational Note-Taking & Template

    Informational Article Checklists with Pictures


    Opinion Essay Resources

    Opinion Essay Info Handout

    Opinion Brainstorm and Planning Boxes

    Opinion Essay Checklists with Pictures



    Optional Resources for Writing at Home that can be downloaded and printed:

    Writing Template - Picture & Lines - This template could be used for a response to reading, or for free choice creative writing, or any other idea.
    Mini Book - Here are directions and a template for creating a mini-book. You could also following the folding and cutting directions with a blank piece of paper.



    More Information about our Writing Curriculum:

    Students do a variety of writing in 3rd grade. Read below to learn more about the Writing Process, the Six Traits of Good Writing, and the Genres and Forms of Writing. Our writing instruction is aligned to the Common Core State Standards.
    The Writing Process:
    1. Brainstorm - Think of many different possible ideas for their writing
    2. Prewrite - Plan for their writing including Introduction, Main Points, and Conclusion in Opinion and Informational Writing, and Beginning, Middle, and End in Narrative (Story) Writing
    3. Draft - Many pieces of writing are drafted directing on the computer, some students write in their spiral notebooks
    4. Revise - Changing, Adding, or Removing ideas, words and sentences
    5. Edit - Fixing mistakes in capitalization, usage/grammar, punctuation, and spelling
    6. Publish

    The Six Traits of Good Writing:

    Word Choice
    Sentence Fluency

    More Genres and Forms of Writing:

    Descriptive Writing - Science Journaling
    Journal Entries - Interactive Journaling
    Narrative Writing - Stories
    Response to Reading
    Creative Writing - Free Choice Writing, Picture Prompts
    Informational Writing - Reports & Research
    Writing to Explain and Learn
    Persuasive Writing