School Closure Information COVID-19
          Here is a copy of the newly released schedule from the district.
    I will continue to post daily assignments on my Google Classroom for both 7th grade Art and 8th grade Language Arts. This schedule is meant to act as a guide for students to map out their work day. It will also serve as a schedule for all Zoom related activities so we don't overlap meetings between departments. If your student has a successful schedule that they already follow they do not need to adhere to this schedule for work time.
    Please view my Google Classroom to locate lessons and enrichment for both Art and Language Arts (only registered students can access these pages). I am posting assignments nightly for the following day. Assignments are due by midnight on the assigned due date. In addition to these assignments, please encourage your child to read. We checked out books on the last day of school, so each student should have a book in their possession. If you need additional resources for books, please follow the Snoisle Library Card link for free downloadable ebooks.
    Also, AR testing is available online daily and our semester goal is 40 points. Lastly, please ask your student to complete and submit any missing work. I have updated my gradebook to reflect all work I have received from your student to date. This is a great time for students to get caught up on missing work, if applicable. 
    Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns about your child.  A child's learning is truly a partnership between the student, parent, and teacher.  
    Stay healthy and safe.
    Meredith White