• Update: More resources and checking in

    Posted by Elizabeth Van Winkle on 3/23/2020 1:00:00 PM

    Dear students and families,

    I hope you’ve been staying safe and healthy during our first week of school closure! Students, if you have not done so please take a few minutes to post your roses and thorns or a choice book recommendation on Flipgrid. You can find the Flip Code in the comments of the online resources post on Google Classroom. Say hello, check-in, and let me know how (and what) you’re doing and reading!

    I have a couple of new resources to share with you for the week if you’re looking for ways to keep your brains engaged!

    • The district has put together a bunch of resources for you! Check out their offerings for English Language Arts reading, writing, and typing games.
    • Look at Eisenhower Library’s library resource pageMrs. Papenhausen has put together some reading recommendations, links to free audiobooks, and Spring reading BINGO on the left side of the page.
    • If you’re looking for an awesome podcast to listen to, check out Kids Ask Authors run by the Wings of Fire series author, Grace Lin (I know some of you love those books, so I was excited to find it!). This website has episodes with some authors you know and love asking about their work, their writing process, and (in the case of graphic novelists) how they use illustrations in their work. There’s also a place where you can submit questions for future episodes, too!

    I hope to hear from you sometime this week via FlipGrid or email about how you’re doing!

    Ms. Van Winkle

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  • School Closure Information & Resources

    Posted by Elizabeth Van Winkle on 3/16/2020 11:00:00 AM

    Dear Parent Partners and Students,


    Parents, thank you for all you do in your student's life and for your support during this unprecedented and uncertain time! Please find links below to some resources and ideas to help you work with your student during this school closure. I have created and categorized these resources by activity type (reading, writing, speaking, and other). 


    The most important things you can do to support your student are: encourage them to read daily, talk with them about their reading, and encourage them to keep up their writing skills (whether it’s creative writing, journaling, or academic writing in response to a book or article).


    Students, read through the options on these choice boards and choose several activities each day or at the start of each week to complete. You can complete these activities on paper and pencil or electronically in your Google Drive. I suggest if you complete activities electronically that you create a folder just for ELA work to keep your documents organized and easy-to-find.


    You don't have to do every activity listed, but you should choose a few from each board to complete each week. Some are daily activities (like reading and journaling) while others are projects that will take you several days or even weeks to complete (debate your parents, write your own story or graphic novel).


    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. Will there be “daily” assignments?
      1. No. While future communications via email, Google Classroom, and my website on Eisenhower’s page may contain suggestions, the options below are designed to be self-chosen by families and students. 
    2. Will these activities affect my grade?
      1. Per Dr. Saltzman’s letter to parents (on the Everett School District website) activities completed by students and families during our closure are not graded by teachers. Grades are frozen (as of work turned in last Friday) until school reopens or until district leadership updates their position.
    3. How often will this page and resources be updated? 
      1. As-needed updates will be completed weekly, on Mondays by 2:50pm. Additional updates will be added as-needed when new district materials are available.
    4. How should I contact Ms. VW?
      1. Questions about activities or requests for support should be directed to my email at EVanWinkle@everettsd.org


    A warm reminder for parents as we transition to more online learning: Students and families are all different in their expectations, traditions, and cultures. As online learning occurs at home, please note our district filters may not apply when your students use their devices on your own private home networks. Be sure to check in with your student often to make sure items found using open and unrestricted web searches are appropriate for your family and student. 


    Reading choice board: Click here

    Writing choice board: Click here

    Speaking and listening choice board: Click here

    Other games and resources: Click here


    Best wishes to you and your family, and please contact me if you need further support. Stay safe and healthy!

    Ms. Van Winkle

    Eisenhower Middle School

    6th Grade English Language Arts

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  • Week of March 9th

    Posted by Elizabeth Van Winkle on 3/7/2020 9:00:00 AM

    This week you'll have your 16th GLR quiz on Friday March 13th. Click here for the unit #16 flashcards


    We'll also do another mini-debate, so be ready to use your source evaluation skills to find sources for the proposition and opposition!

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  • Week of March 2nd

    Posted by Elizabeth Van Winkle on 3/2/2020 3:00:00 PM

    This week we'll wrap up the practice debates on homework, then continue our argument unit by talking about research skills and how to evaluate sources.


    Your cumulative GLR Quiz will be on Friday 3/6 over units #11-15 (plus a few root words from units 6-10 and 1-5, so review those roots as well!)


    Click here for units 11-15 flashcards

    Click here for units 6-10 flashcards

    Click here for units 1-5 flash cards

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  • Week of February 19th

    Posted by Elizabeth Van Winkle on 2/15/2020 9:00:00 AM

    For our short week, we'll be continuing our argumentation unit with more ways of evaluating arguments with logos, ethos, pathos, and logical fallacies. 

    You won't have a quiz on Friday 2/21 since it's only a three day school week. Instead, your #15 GLR Quiz will be the following Friday 2/28. If you want to get a head start studying, click here for GLR Unit #15 flash cards

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  • Week of February 10th

    Posted by Elizabeth Van Winkle on 2/7/2020 5:00:00 PM

    This week we'll wrap up your explanatory speeches on Monday by watching videos of your speeches on Flipgrid! Make sure your video is uploaded to Flipgrid by Monday 2/10 BEFORE YOU ARRIVE TO CLASS! You can access Flipgrid and see the grid code and rubric on Google Classroom.


    Watching those videos will be the last thing we'll do with this explanatory unit; our next unit will be about argument!


    On Friday 2/14 you'll have your 14th GLR Quiz. Click here for GLR #14 flashcards

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  • Week of February 3rd

    Posted by Elizabeth Van Winkle on 2/1/2020 8:00:00 AM

    This week we'll continue with our explanatory speech research and writing. Toward the end of the week, we'll film our videos. By Monday, you need to be ready to wrap up your research T chart and write a thesis statement. We'll outline and rough draft a speech on Tuesday and do feedback and revision on Wednesday and Thursday.


    On Friday 2/7, you'll have another GLR Quiz. Click here for GLR Quiz #13 flashcards

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  • Week of January 28th

    Posted by Elizabeth Van Winkle on 1/24/2020 7:00:00 PM

    On Tuesday, you'll participate in your EA discussion related to the ways that people can improve their lives by interacting with and observing animals. Remember to come to class with your T chart on Google Classroom completed with evidence you can use in this discussion; any parts of the T chart you did not complete after we finished the movie on Friday are homework for your 3 day weekend. This EA will be the first thing going on your second semester grade, so do your best!


    On Wednesday we'll go to the library as a class. Bring your ID card and any books you need to return or renew.


    On Friday 1/31 you'll take your GLR quiz #12. Click here for Unit #12 flashcards

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  • Week of January 13th

    Posted by Elizabeth Van Winkle on 1/10/2020 6:00:00 PM

    This week we'll continue our explanatory unit by engaging in research with a number of different sources. You'll need your Chromebooks with you and fully charged to access the digital copies of these sources!


    On Friday, January 17th, you'll take GLR Quiz #11: Click here for GLR Unit #11 Flashcards


    Be safe and warm if we get snow this week! :)

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  • Winter Break

    Posted by Elizabeth Van Winkle on 12/20/2019 5:00:00 PM

    Your EA Discussion scores are posted on LMS!


    If you were absent for the disucssion, please go to our Google Classroom page and read through the directions for the alternate assignment there. You'll use Flipgrid to record yourself talking about two discussion questions I posted and tell me one discussion question you would have asked if you'd been present for the in-class discussion.


    Have a wonderful, safe break and enjoy time off to recharge your batteries. I'll see you next year! :)


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