• Week of September 9th

    Posted by Elizabeth Van Winkle on 9/12/2019 3:00:00 PM

    This week we're diving into growth mindset with our first Article of the Week writing and starting our first Springboard unit: narratives. Your AoW writing will be done in class on Thursday with revisions and final turn-in on Friday. Remember, you receive credit for your writing when I can see the revisions you've made to your work, so use the writing process and feedback to improve.


    On Friday we'll start our first unit in our Springboard textbook by reading the narrative, "The Circuit" by Francisco Jimenez. 


    Your first vocabulary quiz (over Greek and Latin root words and the vocab words on your blue sheet) will be Friday, September 20th. Click here for vocab word flashcards

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  • First Week of School 2019

    Posted by Elizabeth Van Winkle on 9/4/2019 8:00:00 AM

    Welcome to Eisenhower Middle School! I'm so excited to start the year with you and looking forward to getting to know both students and parents. This page will be updated weekly with information regarding classwork, important dates, and assignments. Check back here often for reminders and announcements! 


    This week we'll primarily focus on getting to know each other, our classroom, and procedures and policies at Ike. Students will need to bring a journal (spiral or composition works just fine, although spiral might be more convenient if you're carrying a binder since it'll fit through the rings) they'll use as an English notebook by Monday, September 9th.


    If you did not finish your writing on the back of your All About Me page, here is the prompt:  

    Choose one event or person in your life that you think had a particularly big impact on you and write about:

    • What was that event or who is that person?
    • What impact did they have on you?


    The main event/person who impacted me is _______. What happened was ________________. It really impacted me because _______. What I learned from this was _____________ because ____________.



    Please also remind your student to return their summer reading book to the library at Eisenhower as soon as possible if they checked out Wonder from their elementary school. 

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  • Week of June 3rd

    Posted by Elizabeth Van Winkle on 6/3/2019 3:00:00 PM

    This week we'll finish Act 3 and read and act out Act 4 of A Midsummer Night's Dream. Be ready to continue working on scene summary packets (purple packets) in class or at One Note if you need help or extra time. This week will be our last full week before we start rehearsing for our EA performances, so make sure you know these characters and continue to practice translating what they're saying, thinking, and feeling as we read.


    You'll have your last regular GLR quiz of the school year on Friday 6/7, which is a half day. Click here for Unit 15 Quizlet

    After our quiz on the 7th, I'll give you the study guide for our cumulative GLR quiz (and last GLR quiz of the school year) over the root words ONLY from units 11-15. Your cumulative quiz will be on Friday 6/14.


    Remember to be checking LMS for missing and late work. I will NOT accept missing and late assignments past Friday, June 14th!

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  • Week of May 28th

    Posted by Elizabeth Van Winkle on 5/24/2019 1:00:00 PM

    This week we'll continue reading and performing Act 2 of A Midsummer Night's Dream. Make sure you're keeping up with your purple scene summary packet during our class work time. You should have one page done for each scene of the play. As of Friday the 24th, we have finished Act 1 and done two scene summary pages. Your character map (yellow handout) should be completely filled in; we met all of the fairies on Friday 5/24 and filled in characters and conflict on our maps.


    We'll have our 14th GLR quiz on Friday, May 31st! Click here for the Unit 14 flashcards


    Have a great 3 day weekend and a happy Memorial Day!

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  • Week of May 20th

    Posted by Elizabeth Van Winkle on 5/21/2019 8:00:00 AM

    Now that testing for Math and ELA is officially over, we are moving on to our last unit: reading and acting out Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream!

    We'll have a class set of the play and do our reading and acting in class.


    On Tuesday 5/21, we'll go to the library to check out new choice books, so bring those library books and ID cards.


    On Friday 5/24, we have a GLR quiz #13. It's the purple list I gave you on Monday 5/13. Here's a link to the quizlet flashcards: Click here for flashcards

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  • Week of April 29th

    Posted by Elizabeth Van Winkle on 4/27/2019 9:00:00 AM

    This week we'll begin SBA testing on Wednesday. Monday and Tuesday will be our final review days and include a trip to the library to check out a great choice book to read during testing time.


    Remember to bring wired headphones to school for the listening portion of the test.


    We'll play Jeopardy on Monday. One of the categories will be GLR, so you may want to look through these root word quizlets to refresh your memory!


    Click here for GLR Units 1-5

    Click here for GLR units 6-10

    Unit 11 GLRUnit 12 GLR

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  • Week of April 22nd

    Posted by Elizabeth Van Winkle on 4/19/2019 3:00:00 PM

    This week we're turning our attention to reviewing and practicing the skills we've learned all year to prepare for SBA testing. A few reminders to help you keep track:


    -ELA testing dates are May 1st and 2nd and 7th and 8th

    -Math SBA testing happens in our ELA classrooms (during our regular ELA block class meeting time) May 15th and 16th


    On Friday 4/19 I handed you a list of SBA vocabulary to help you review and learn words that come up in test directions. You will have a quiz over these words on Friday 4/26. Click here for the SBA vocabulary quizlet

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  • Week of April 15th

    Posted by Elizabeth Van Winkle on 4/16/2019 3:00:00 PM

    This week we're focusing on wrapping up our letter Embedded Assessment. You'll click Turn In on Google Classroom by the end of class on Thursday, and you'll have class Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to revise and polish your work. If you need extra time or help, come to One Note on Wednesday or Thursday.


    On Friday, we'll review for our GLR quiz #12. We'll review for the quiz the first half of our block, take and correct the quiz, and then shift our attention to some test preparation because the SBA is coming up soon! Click here for GLR #12 flashcards


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  • Happy Spring Break!

    Posted by Elizabeth Van Winkle on 3/29/2019 3:00:00 PM

    Have a wonderful, safe break!


    A big congratulations to our teams who made it all the way to the championship round of our in-class debate tournament! You all did a great job presenting your cases and arguing respectfully against your opponents. The winners and runners-up in each class are:

    AM block:

    • 1st place: Wen and Brandon
    • 2nd place: Litzy and Carmen


    • 1st place: Danny C. and Aubrey
    • 2nd place: Davon and Devon

    PM block:

    • 1st place: Sam and Anthony
    • 2nd place: Jose and Leo


    When we get back from break, we'll finish our film, 12 Angry Men, and discuss whether you would have voted guilty or not guilty based on the evidence presented. We'll also move forward with our last argumentative project: a persuasive letter to the audience of your choice on the topic of your choice.

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  • Week of March 25th

    Posted by Elizabeth Van Winkle on 3/24/2019 3:00:00 PM

    This week is the week of our Embedded Assessment debate tournament! Make sure your cases are ready on Monday; you need to be pepared to debate either side of all three topics. We'll likely wrap up our debate tournament partway through class on Thursday, then finish out the week by watching a classic film about persuasion, Twelve Angry Men. 

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