• 8th Grade Research 


    Big 6 Research Question


    What materials should you use to design a new water bottle for rock climbers?

    These materials should be environmentally friendly, puncture resistant, light weight, and as cost effective as possible.



    Remember to follow our Big 6 Steps:

    (Created by Mike Eisenberg and Bob Berkowitz)


    Step 1 Task Definition

    Step 2 Information Seeking Strategies

    Step 3 Location and Access

    Step 4 Use of Information

    Step 5 Synthesis

    Step 6 Evaluation


    Evaluate The Resources You are Using! 

    When researching online resources:

    • Be critical and careful.
    • Use teacher recommended sites
    • Look at URL ending  .com, .edu, .gov, .org
    • Ask "who wrote it?"
    • Discover what the web site is all about
    • Determine when and where the information came from.
    • Explore why you should use the information on this web site.


    Look at these websites and decide if they are credible. Make sure to use your Big 6 pamphlet and checklist to determine their use. 


    Website #1


    Website #2


    Website #3


    Website #4


    Website #5





    Make sure to use the skills and tips we learned to do a thorough search online.  Take a look at these examples of resources:  


     Making Water Bottles/Materials Used


     Water Bottle Materials


    Making a Plastic Water Bottle


    Plastic Particles Found in Bottle Water





    Rock Climbers and Gear 



    International Rock Climbing Research Association



    International Climbing and Mountaineering Federation



     Rock-The Climber's Magazine