• Week of November 19

    This week we have two away games on Monday and Tuesday. 

    Monday we play at Park Place MS. According to Wesco, girls play at 5:15. 

    Tuesday we play at Meadowdale MS. As far as I know, we should be able to play both games at the same time, so both teams will play at 3:45. 

    Wednesday is a half day, and we will not have practice. Have a great Thanksgiving!


    We need white jerseys for both games (but please bring both sets). 

    Please make sure to bring snacks and layers. Be aware of the weather and of course always be prepared for rain!

    I have created a calendar page on my teacher website. 

    Thank you!



  • Week of November 13

    Hello everyone,

    I apologize we're into the season already before I got this started. 

    This week we didn't have school or practice Monday; we had our first game on Wednesday that we tied 1-1. I was so happy with how the team played! 

    Thursday we have normal practice from 3:00-5:00. 

    Friday we will not have practice. 


    There are several girls who still need to bring money for their socks, and a few who still need to pay their athletic fee in order to be eligible to play in games. After practice on Thursday, I believe everyone will have their 8 practices required to participate in games. 


    Please keep in mind that a failing grade (F) will place a student on academic probation. If the grade isn't raised within a week, they will not be eligible to play in games. 2 F's automatically makes that student ineligible for games until the grade is raised. 


    Thank you!

    Coach Watson