• How to contact me: Feel free to contact me at any time if you have questions or concerns. The best and most efficient way to connect with me is through email: rcamp@everettsd.org . My website is also a good source of information: https://www.everettsd.org/Domain/1042 .

    Supplies required daily: Sharpened pencils, erasers, your charged device (once you receive it), Open Up workbook (only the current unit will be required to come to class each day), pen (colored ink for correcting; please no black), clear tape, highlighters in 4+ colors, and Ike Pages (planner). I will communicate via email should more supplies become necessary.

    Curriculum: Our math curriculum, Open Up Resources, is an Open Education Resource, meaning that you are free to explore the entire curriculum online at your leisure. Students will be given a consumable workbook with each new unit. This will be the most valuable and widely used resource students will have this year. It will be extremely important that students bring their Open Up workbooks to class every day and home every evening, as their homework is printed in the workbook. All class notes will be taken in this workbook as well. There are no textbooks associated with this curriculum. For specific information about our content, please see the “Content Overview” link for your grade.

    Grading: One of the most effective ways to keep informed is to log in to the LMS website to check grades. I update grades at least 3 times a week. You may access your child’s current grades at any time at: https://gradebook.everettsd.org/Wazzle/Gradebook/. Please visit https://www.everettsd.org/Page/20633 if you need help gaining access to your student’s account.

    • The Eisenhower Math Department grades on a percentage scale. Grades in this class are weighted as follows: 70% – Assessments, 20% - Quizzes, 10% – Homework.
    • There is a direct correlation between students completing their homework on time and their success on assessments. Students can expect homework in math daily, but time spent on assignments should not exceed 20 minutes. I cannot stress enough the importance of keeping up with work and getting help right away! Extra help is available with an appointment. (See additional information below.) Please also see the “Homework” link on my website for detailed information about my homework policy.
    • Test retakes will be administered for most instructional units should initial scores be unsatisfactory. To qualify for a retake, students must: complete all homework assignments from the unit prior to the test date, score lower than 87% on the first test attempt, and demonstrate increased understanding of assessed skills before qualifying for a test retake. I will always keep the highest test score in the gradebook, up to an 87%.

    Extra help: The absolute best reference tools students have will be their Open Up unit workbooks, and the Open Up website. However, I am happy to provide students with extra help upon request. While I usually have open classroom hours during lunch on Tuesdays, I am also available at least one day after school each week by appointment to provide extra help. Additionally, the math department will host a study club on Thursday’s after school beginning in October. Students are responsible for making alternate transportation plans if they stay after school.

    Tips for success in our class:

    • Ask questions right away. Don’t let confusion hold you back!
    • Collaborate with peers.
    • Listen intently to directions, explanations, & discussions.
    • Complete all assignments on time.
    • Use your notes to review skills daily & to prepare for tests.