• Week of May June 1-June 5                                                       Week 11 virtual work from home

    • Zoom literature meeting: Wednesday at 2:45 pm with Mrs. Papenhausen and Mrs. White’s class.
    • Zoom novel review fun: Friday at 1:30 pm.

    Weekly Lesson

    NOVEL READING (Listening) and summary assignment - Due Friday

    Due Friday: Chapters 38-42 of “Refugee”:   As you listen to the chapters for the reading this week, please write a one sentence summary of each chapter.  Create a "google doc" in the assignment, and turn it in when you are done.  Due Friday. 

    Google Slides Book Project - Please update all past slides if you are missing any.  These should be attached in one big slide show. 

    Previous Slides:

    Slide 1:  Cover slide, title it “REFUGEE” by Alan Gratz

    Slide 2:  Table of contents (keep track of slide numbers and the assignments on this slide

    Slide 3:  Task 1-Chapters 1-3 (Characterization)

    Slide 4:  Task 2-Chapters 4-6. (Conflict)

    Slide 5:  Task 3-Chapters 7-9 (Prediction of story line for each character:  Josef, Isabel, Mahmoud).

    Slide 6:  Task 4-Chapters 10-12 (Inference questions)

    Slide 7:  Task 5-Chapters 13-15 (vocabulary)

    Slide 8:  Task 6-Chapters 16-18 (Summary) 

    Slide 9:  Task 7-Chapters 19-21 (Text to self-connection)

    Slide 10:  Task 8-Chapters 22-24 (Text to text connection)

    Missing Work:  Please remember to work on any missing work you have for our ELA class.  You can take pictures of your missing work and attach it to an email.  I will update the grade book as you turn in assignments.  If you are missing a test in the gradebook, please email me and we will coordinate an assessment online for you to take.

    Please email me with any questions. 

    Thank you.

    Ms. Miles

    All previous weekly lessons are listed on the main page of my website, please click there for the weekly instructions.

    My Email: amiles2@everettsd.org