• What is Digital Citizenship? Simply put, Digital Citizenship is using the internet and technology safely, respectfully, and responsibily. It revolves around many issues of internet safety and usage, but at a third grade level, students should at least know:

    • How to create a safe password and that passwords should be protected,
    • How to stay safe online and avoid talking to strangers on web and tech platforms,
    • Which websites are a good source of information, and which may not be,
    • How to be respectful of others online and on social media,
    • If you post things on the internet, that information may be accessed by others,
    • And, bullying can happen online--be respectful of others and report any bullying activity to an adult.

    Parents shouldn't assume children know any of the above. It is our job to teach kids to use technology safely, respectfully, and responsibly. 

    Here is a great video for parents:  https://smartsocial.com/what-is-digital-citizenship/