• High School and Beyond (HS&B)...what is HS&B?

    High School and Beyond lessons are designed to help students make more sense of the following three questions: 

    • Who am I?
    • Where do I want to go?
    • How do I get there?

    All Gateway Guardians will have the opportunity to explore these questions with the use of study/life skill lessons, Second Step curriculum, Naviance planning tool, and digital citizenship sessions. We have reserved approximately 20 Fridays throughout the year to devote time to these important topics. Take a look at our scope and sequence for the year!

    Further, here is the revised HS&B schedule for the dates we have these additional lessons/activities:


  • Friday, June 3rd HS&B

    7th grade: Student Survey & Naviance

    Lesson Video

    By the end of the lesson, your task list should look like this:


  • Friday, January 7 HS&B Lesson for Grade 7

    Topic: Naviance ~ Goal setting


    Video: HS&B/Naviance Video

    *Shout out to Sarah Pewitt for creating the Powerpoint for Naviance! :)


    Time Log sheet (for the January 14 HS&B lesson)

    *Time logs to be passed out to each 7th grader so they can track how they spend their time in a week. Time management will be the topic for the January 14th HS&B lesson.




  • December 3rd Lesson (7th Grade): Second Step | Harassment Prevention

    Please watch video first, then have students fill out the Google Form to demonstrate learning and reflection.


  • December 3rd Lesson (8th Grade): Second Step | Stress & Anxiety

    Below is the link to the 8th grade HS&B lesson. There are two Second Step lessons that I cover in the video. They are “Understanding Stress and Anxiety” and “Strategies for Managing Stress”......


Successful Student Behaviors: Lesson 1, October 8

  • Lesson 1 video will be here by Friday, October 8...GWY Staff, please check your email for the video link and lesson plans.