• 2024-2025 PE Waiver Information

    The School Board recognizes the value of physical education to the maintenance of the health and vitality of all students, and the development of lifelong habits which enhance personal fitness, social and emotional learning, and wellness.  It shall be the policy of the Board that:
    > Physical Education shall be available to all students.
    > Students in grades 6 through 8 shall be provided on average 100 minutes per week per year.
    > The physical activity portion requirement could be waived if the student meets one of the following three waiver options (see page 6 of the course catalog).

    PE is a required course for 6th, 7th, & 8th grades and will be automatically added to all student schedules.  
    In order to have PE waived from a student's schedule, you must complete all the following by the noted deadlines:

    • Submit this form by Friday, March 29th
    • Attend the informational zoom meeting April 11th, 5pm.  Zoom link will be emailed only to students who have submitted this form.
    • Print and sign the Waiver Contract and return it to the Counseling Office by April 17th.  Contracts will be provided during the informational zoom meeting.

    Only students who complete all three of these requirements will be considered for a PE Waiver.


    Physical Activity Log

  • Schedule Change Policy

    » Student schedules reflect what the student requested during spring course selection. If it does not, please make a schedule change request by emailing your grade level Counselor using the tile on the "Meet the Gateway Counselors" page.

    » Schedule change requests will only be accepted during the first 5 school days of a semester. School counselors will have an additional 5 school days to process and make changes, if approved.


    Allowed schedule change considerations:

    • You are not scheduled into a core class (ELA, Math, Science, History, or Fitness).
    • You failed a prerequisite course and need to retake the course.
    • You would like to move from the advanced class to the grade level class in ELA or Math. 


    We do not consider schedule change requests based on:

    • a student's teacher preferences, class period, or lunch period.
    • teacher personality differences, teaching styles, or a student's learning style.
    • a student's friends and whether or not they have classes together.

    If a student has a concern about a specific teacher, they need to meet with the teacher, school counselor and/or administration to work toward a resolution.