Beginning Band

  • Welcome to Beginning Band! If you have not gotten your child an instrument, PLEASE DO NOT GET ONE until after the in-class appraisal! You will receive a recommendation letter from me with a suggestion of an instrument that would be a good fit for your child. There is no rush and it is better to be safe than sorry. Once you have your instrument, please check below to make sure you have all of the right materials for class and your instrument.


    If you would like to explore instruments early and take a quiz we will use in class to help you choose an instrument, click the following links: 

    Be Part of the Band Instrument Demonstration Videos (scroll down or click “videos”): 

    Beginning Band Instrument Selection “Quiz”:


    Materials Needed: 

    All students: 

    • Method Book: Sound Innovations for Concert Band, Book 1 Make sure to get the correct book for your instrument! 
    • An instrument and case. All students are required to have their own instrument, rented, bought or borrowed. Gateway has some available on a first come first served basis, for a one-time $80 use and maintenance fee. See Mr. Morgan if you need financial assistance.   
    • School Planner
    • A pencil. All musicians need to be able to make marks in their music (and erase them!). 
    • Music PPE (bell covers) will be provided by the school.


    • Tissues. We go through a lot through the school year! 
    • Cleaning kits. Each instrument has different needs, but it is important to keep your instrument in great shape!
    • Music stand for home.  Having a music stand to use at home helps promote good posture and good playing technique.

    Instrument Specific Supplies:


    • A cleaning rod
    • Cleaning swab. 


    • 3 reeds. You will need a good reed and two back-up reeds at all times. Start with #2 reeds. I recommend synthetic reeds as they last longer than traditional reeds.
    • Cleaning swab
    • Slide/cork Grease

    Trumpet, French Horn, and Baritone: 

    • Valve oil 
    • Slide/cork grease


    • Slide/cork grease
    • Slide cream 
    • Small spray bottle. All good trombone players have a small spray bottle to help keep their slide lubricated. 


    • Two pairs of drumsticks. I recommend Vic Firth SD1 General sticks. 
    • Practice pad, for use at home and at school. 

    Where do I rent instruments, or buy music materials? 

    We have two excellent music companies in our area, Kennelly Keys and Music and Arts both offer high quality instruments, materials and instrument repair. Check the links below to order online or find the nearest location. I strongly recommend avoiding deals through Amazon or other online only retailers, as cheaper instruments are often made of cheaper materials, or have less quality control. 

    Kennelly Keys

    Music and Arts

    • If purchasing an instrument, please be wary of buying pretty, shiny, colorful, cheap instruments online, especially from Amazon or eBay. Many of these do not play well, are permanently out of tune and/or will not last. Please visit my school webpage and Canvas site for instrument rental and purchase tips. Contact me if you have any questions. I am happy to help you make a great investment.

    School Instrument Rental:  We have a very limited supply of school instruments available for student use. Some of these are the larger brass (tuba, baritone) and woodwind (bass clarinet, bari sax) instruments which are very difficult to get back and forth to school and can be very expensive to rent. We have a small number of more common instruments (flutes, clarinet and trumpet) for students in financial need. Check with Mr. Morgan for availability.

    ⮚    School-owned instruments are available on a first come, first served basis, and have a one time check-out/maintenance fee of $80 due to Gateway Middle School. Everett School District policy states: 

    “…Such instruments shall be rented with the fee used to help cover maintenance costs, except when the rental instrument is in addition to an instrument that is already owned or rented by the student. Arrangements shall be made for the reduction/waiver of fees for students whose families, by reason of income, would have difficulty paying the fee. The USDA child nutrition program guidelines shall be used to determine qualification for a reduction/waiver. Parent(s)/guardian(s) shall be notified of fee reduction/waivers. Rental instruments shall be used only in preparation for and playing in school organizations. The user shall be responsible for any damage to the instrument which might occur while it is in his/her care.” 

    Please contact me at or 425 385 6761 with questions or concerns regarding acquiring an instrument! 


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