• Welcome to Word Work Wednesday

    (Updated for Wednesday, June 3, 2020)

    Week #9

    It's not too late to submit your words for last week's Madlib.  But, for this week we will go back to our overview of prefixes, suffixes, and root words.  Today I will give you a list of words.  Pick 5 at least 5 of the words and identify the root word and the suffix.  Remember, the suffix comes at the end of the word.  You can also let me know what the suffix means and then give an example of using that same suffix on a different word.

     1.  helped
     2.  walking
     3.  drinkable
     4.  teacher
     5.  hospitalization
     6.  happiness
     7.  sensitivity
     8.  kingdom
     9.  leadership
    10. Washingtonian



    Week #8

    This week we are going to have some fun with our root words.  We are also going to visit our nouns and verbs.  Have you ever heard of Madlibs?  Madlibs are stories are crazy stories that you make up by making a list of words, and then using those words to fill in the blanks to make a wild and crazy (and a little bit silly) story.  If you send me a list of words that fit into the following categories,  I will use those words to fill in the blanks for an amazing story about taking over the world.  Here are the words that you will need.

    5 adjectives (describing words)
    5 verbs
    5 nouns
    5 plural nouns 
    1 event
    1 animal
    1 vehicle
    1 company

    Let me know if you have any questions, then send me your list of vocabulary words in an email or on your google classroom and I will send you a story at the end of the week.

    Have Fun!


    Week #7

    Let's try something new this week.  For the next few weeks, we are going to look at prefixes, root words, and suffixes.  This week, we will start will get started with prefixes.  A prefix comes before, or in front of, the root word.  Another way to say that would be to say that a prefix precedes the root word.  So, I bet you can guess what the prefix "pre" means.  If you guessed "before," then you guessed correctly.  Let's try some more.  I will give you a list of 10 familiar prefixes.  Pick at least 5 of them and tell me what they mean.  If you are feeling really confident, you can add a root word to each of your prefixes to give an example of how it is used.


    Good Luck, and Have Fun!


    Welcome to Week #6

    This week we are going to revisit words that have more than one meaning.  Many times, when words have more than one meaning, one meaning of the word is a noun while another meaning of the word is a verb.  This week, I am challenging each of you to pick five of the words below and see if you can make a definition for each of those words when it is used as a noun, and make a second definition of the word when it is used as a verb.  I will give you 10 words to chose from.  As an extra challenge, see if you can think of any additional words that have different meanings when used as a noun and as a verb and I will see if I can make definitions for those words.  You may submit your answers to me in email or in your Google Classroom.  Good Luck, and Have Fun!

     1.  Fly
     2.  Sink
     3.  Mail
     4.  Serving
     5.  Bark
     6.  Ring
     7.  Snap
     8.  Pop
     9.  Dress
    10. Cold (this one is a little different because one meaning is a noun and the other is an adjective--bonus points if you can tell me what an adjective is)




    Week #5

    This week we are continuing our work with word associations.  Thanks to Jaysen for his contribution to this week's list.  Jaysen submitted his answers from week #4 via his Speech Google Classroom and then responded to the challenge of submitting a set of words of his own.  The first word grouping in the list is his contribution.  Thank you, Jaysen!

    Eagle             Hawk               Crow               Ostrich

    Halloween     Thanksgiving  Thursday        4th of July

    Canoe            Ferry                Yacht              Tug Boat

    History          Science             PE                   Language Arts

    Chicago         Paris                 Seattle           Los Angeles

    Water            Milk                   Pepsi              Orange Juice

    Mariners        Seahawks         Sounders       Dodgers

    Gloves           Socks                 Boots             Slippers

    Airplane        Bird                    Kite                Bumble Bee

    A                    E                         U                    S



    Week #4

    This week it time to take a look at word associations.  Below you will see 10 sets of 4 words.  In each set of words, three of them are related in some way and the fourth word does not belong.  It is your job to pick which word does not belong and explain why.  In your explanation, make a statement about how the three words are related and what is different about the fourth word.  For example:

    Eagle    Canary    Shark    Robin   

    Shark does not belong with the others because an eagle, canary, and robin are all animals that can fly and a shark can swim.  You could also say that an eagle, canary and robin have feathers and a shark has fins.

    Now here are some for you to try.  Pick at least three word groups and share your answer with me by sending an email or making a post in your speech Google Classroom.  Have Fun!

    February    December    May          January

    Football      Baseball      Soccer      Ice Hockey

    Carrot         Banana        Kiwi          Pineapple

    Seattle        Everett        Bothell      Washington

    Cow             Giraffe        Horse        Pig

    Obama        Bush            Lincoln      Inslee

    Cheese        Yogurt         Butter       Apple Sauce

    Bicycle         Train           Truck        Bus

    Blue             Purple         Red           Yellow

    36                102              103           38





    Week #3

    This week we will revisit homonyms.  Below you will find a list of sentences and in each sentence there Wis a homonym (multi-meaning word) that is used twice in each sentence.  Pick at least three of the sentences and draw a picture that will help to explain both meanings of the multi-meaning word.  When you have finished your drawings, see if you can think of three more homonyms that you can use to make one multi-meaning sentence.  You can share your drawings and/or your creative sentences with me via email or on your Google Classroom.

    • left my phone on the left side of the room.

    • The baseball pitcher asked for a pitcher of water.

    • The committee chair sat in the center chair.

    • The crane flew above the construction crane.

    • While they are at the play, I’m going to play with the dog.

    • She will park the car so we can walk in the park.


    Week #2

    Last week we worked on homonyms.  This week we will try our luck at antonyms and synonyms.  Antonyms are words that are opposite of one another, while synonyms are words that are synonymous or the same.  Look at the list of words below and see if you can identify an antonym and a synonym for each word.  If you are ready for a challenge, see if you can think of 2 antonyms and/or 2 synonyms for each word:

     1.  Old
     2.  Quit
     3.  Quiet
     4.  Enormous
     5.  Difficult
     6.  Terminate
     7.  Novice
     8.  Consent
     9.  Prosper
    10. Loathe  

    Good Luck and Have Fun!  You can submit your answers to me by email or by sending a message to me through your Speech Class Google Classroom.


    Week #1  April 1, 2020

    This week's word work is all about homonyms.  Homonyms are two or more words that are spelled the same.  In speech class, we have been calling them multi-meaning words, since they are words that have multiple meanings.  Here are some examples of familiar homonyms:


     1. light
     2. ball
     3. bat
     4. ruler
     5. cap


    Now that you have some words, it's time to try the work.

    A.  Complete the list of words above by thinking of 5 more homonyms to add to the list.  Can you think of any words that have MORE than two meanings?


    B.  Pick two of the words and make a picture that shows two different meanings for each word.  Ashley and Suzy (two of my three daughters) picked BAT and CAP.  Check out their examples below

               cap                              bat   

    C.  Send me a picture of your work and you may see your artwork on Word Work Wednesday next week.

    D.  Now it's time for some fun.  Challenge your family to a game of Multiple Meaning Jeopardy by clicking here.