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    Resident students requesting to attend within Everett Public Schools:

    • Our Application Acceptance Timeline will open right after school commences from Winter Break on January 3rd 2022.  We will have our Application Acceptance Timeline open between January 3rd 2022 and June 1st 2022.  Any requests received after June 1st will be considered late requests and families will be notified the first week once school has commenced from the summer break.  Typically we still notify families sooner but that is the expected wait time for late requests.
    • We will not accept any requests prior to when our Application Acceptance Timeline will open for the 2022-2023 school year.  The link for our Online School Transfer Form Application will be available for the 2022-2023 school year starting January 3rd 2022.  We currently only have the form available for the 2021-2022 school year.  Typically it opens sometime after midnight and families can submit the request electronically.  We also have a paper form available on request as it is not on the website.  If a paper form is submitted, it is time and date stamped and submitted electronically on behalf of the parent for processing.  The time and date are updated if needed to reflect the time it was received.
    • Students who submit between January 3rd and February 15th as residents will be notified no later than March 15th.  Requests received between February 15th 2022 and April 1st will be notified no later than April 15th.  Requests received between April 2nd and June 1st will be notified no later than June 30th.
    • I would recommend they submit as early as they can for when we start accepting requests, that way they can receive further notification of approval/denial sooner rather than later.  If denied, there is an appeals process and they will receive further directive regarding how to submit an appeal.  That process typically takes a few weeks depending on how many appeals are being processed by the District One and Two Superintendents.


    Resident Students Requesting to Attend Outside of Everett Public Schools:

    • Families are welcome to submit using the Choice Transfer Request Portal to be released from Everett Public Schools.  We have a paper form available upon request if needed but prefer to receive the release request electronically.
    • Other school districts have their own Application Acceptance Timeline in which they will accept nonresident requests.  Typically districts such as Snohomish for example will begin taking new requests from nonresident students starting in January but that may always change.  If I receive a Choice Transfer Release and a district is currently not accepting requests at the time the parent submitted, I will send communication so they are aware of when I can submit the release request.  I hold on to the request if paper or maintain it in the system as a “Parent Submission” until I am allowed to submit per the nonresident districts guidelines.  If I submit too early, the request can be denied and would need to be resubmitted.  The nonresident district has a maximum of 45 days to process a request upon receipt per state guidelines.  Some districts do not accept nonresident requests until much later in the school year (such as Mukilteo for new nonresident requests-accept August 1st)  So if they receive it too early and are not processing them at that time, it will be denied and need to be resubmitted.
    • Some districts may have an extra form families need to fill out for their nonresident request but the Choice Transfer Release request is all that I need to process and release the student.


    Nonresident Requesting to Attend in Everett Public Schools:

    • We will begin taking nonresident requests at the beginning of February 15th for students who have a parent/guardian listed as a staff member either fully certificated or classified in Everett Public Schools.
    • We will begin taking nonresident requests for all other nonresident students (whether as a continuing student or a new student currently not in our district) on March 1st
    • We will send notification of approval/denial no later than within 45 days of receipt of their requests per state guidelines.
    • Our website will be updated prior to Mid-Winter break with what schools will be listed as closed to transfers, open with limited grade level capacity or fully open.  Historically schools that are listed as closed for the current school year will also be listed as closed for the succeeding school year (especially schools in the South Region).  Principals will meet with the Region One and Two Superintendents to discuss future enrollment for the succeeding school year and if they will be open, limited or closed.
    • If denied, families receive further communication via two emails and a letter on how to appeal to the Office of Administrative Hearings for the state of Washington.