Welcome to Ms. Pace's Speech and Language Page

  • September, 2020



    logoHello Gateway Guardians, and welcome to another great year of fun and learning.

    I am pleased to introduce myself as a proud graduate of Washington State University in Pullman, Washington.  Go Cougs!  Since my graduation from WSU in 1986, I have worked in a variety of settings, from head injury rehabilitation and skilled nursing facilities, to public schools.

    As one of the speech language pathologists (speech teachers) at Gateway, I am pretty sure I have one of the best jobs in the whole school.  I get to work with students throughout all three years of their middle school experience, which allows me the opportunity to interact closely with students and their families over an extended period of time as we work together to build speech and language skills. 

    It is often said that laughter is the best medicine.  I love my job, because I get to build laughter into many of our speech and language activities.  Jokes and puns require a sophisticated command of language, and tongue twisters can be a great way to practice articulation and fluency skills.  As a result, there is no shortage of jokes, puns, and tongue twisters as part of my work day.  I also have a great collection of classic games which have become effective learning tools.  Jenga, Connect Four, and Guess Who are among class favorites.

    As a speech language pathologist, I am called upon to evaluate and provide therapy in the areas of speech and language development.  Speech and langauge development includes skills in the areas of expressive and receptive language, speech articulation, speech fluency, voice disorders, social communication and augmentative communication strategies.  I am privileged to work in collaboration with many of the great classroom teachers at Gateway to facilitate carryover of these important communication skills into all aspects of the school day.  I work especially closely with the teachers and classroom staff in our Life Skills and Extended Resource classrooms.

    Activities on the sidebar of this webpage will be updated periodically, and similar activities will be available on a new Bitmoji classroom that will be unveiled later this fall.  In addition, a Canvas course will be available to all speech students and will be maintained as a tool for consistent communication related to speech therapy assignments, activities, and scheduled therapy times.

    While I enjoy the opportunity to meet directly with families during annual IEP meetings, I would also like to encourage families to reach out with any questions you may have regarding your student's speech therapy goals throughout the school year.  I will be working from the speech therapy classroom (Room 310) at Gateway during the school building closure.  Please feel free to reach out by phone or email at any time.  


    Katherine Pace