Monte Scholz Greetings Heatherwood Parents/Guardians and Students:

    Welcome to 7/8 Compacted (Honors) Mathematics. As the refreshing summer break slowly comes to a proverbial conclusion I look forward to another enriching and simply awesome learning season, where the foreign language of mathematics is transformed to a world of challenging exploration and cool discoveries of both self and what lies beyond the numbers and symbols. The 7/8 classroom environment is where logic prevails, stimulating ideas and individual perspectives run free, and learning and prospering from our mistakes is the first rule of learning.

    Students who endeavor to partake in the 7/8 Maths course are individuals who not only possess ability, but also assert an personal desire to learn, strive for meaning, and crave personal confidence and growth. In short, the 7/8 student must want to learn the next thing, and fully participate to that cause. I'll be sending home a course syllabus during the first week of school, and will attach a copy of said syllabus to my website page. The syllabus outlines the learning structure of the course, as well as the learning expectations on an individual level.

    Info about me:

    This is my fourteenth year teaching mathematics, and my third year as a member of the Heatherwood faculty. I began my professional academic career teaching middle school honors mathematics and foundational chemistry and physics, and have recently come from teaching high school for many years. I love the intellectual maturity of high school students, but missed the inquisitive energy found with teaching middle school.

    Before academia I worked in the engineering and construction industry as a consultant and project manager conducting structural and geo-science analysis, and later worked with the USDA as a field scientist in the area of land conservation. After working with graduate students I decided to earn another advanced degree with a focus on mathematics and science education, with the sole intent of teaching school-aged students to love mathematics and science.

    Last year was a great year, and I suspect this year will be even better.