• The Week of December 3rd
    Mon Dec 3 Lower Gym-Piton rotation
    Tue Dec 4 Lower Gym-Piton rotation
    Wed Dec 5 Portable (6th grade- cardio respiratory Quiz. Class on Muscular Strength and Endurance Muscular Strength and Endurance 7th Grade- Quiz on Skill Related Components of Fitness, class on understanding fitness 8th Grade- Quiz on skill related components of Fitness, revising for CBA exam.
    Thu Dec 6 Cardio/Weightroom day
    Fri Dec 7 Upper Gym activity
    The Week of December 10th
    Mon Dec 10  Lower Gym- Piton Rotation
    Tue Dec 11  Lower Gym-Piton Rotation
    Wed Dec 12  Portable (6th grade- Quiz on muscular strength and endurance. Class on Flexibility Flexibility 7th grade- 8th grade- Jeopardy revision for CBA ) 
    Thu Dec 13  Cardio/Weight Room Day
    Fri Dec 14  Upper gym activity 
    The Week of December 17th
    Mon Dec 17  Lower gym- choice
    Tue Dec 18  Lower gym- choice 
    Wed Dec 19  Portable Day (6th grade- Quiz on Flexibility. Class on Body Composition Body Composition 7th Grade- 8th Grade- CBA test )
    Thu Dec 20  Cardio/Weight Room Day
    Fri Dec 21  Upper gym activity
    The Week of December 24
    Mon Dec 24  Christmas break
    Tue Dec 25  Christmas Break
    Wed Dec 26  Christmas Break
    Thu Dec 27  Christmas Break
    Fri Dec 28  Christmas Break
         The week of December 31          
     Mon Dec 31  Christmas Break
     Tue Jan 1  Christmas Break
     Wed Jan 2  Christmas Break
     Thu Jan 3  Christmas Break
     Fri  Jan 4  Christmas break
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