• Dear Students and Families,


    During the time of our district's COVID-19 closure, I will post weekly online English Language Arts (ELA) student engagement opportunities. As directed by our state and district leadership, these online course offerings cannot be required or graded. However -- exploring, interacting with, and engaging in as many of them as possible is highly recommended to maintain students' academic skills.


    ELA students are used to accessing information and activities in our Google Classroom, so I will continue to use that as the vehicle for delivering suggested learning engagement opportunities. Most of these engagement opportunities will involve digital platforms with which students are already familiar: SpringBoard and Scholatic Scope.


    For now, all students have access to a 6-week, comprehensive Reading Sprint. The "sprint" can be accessed by clicking on the "Zinc" icon in the SpringBoard digital dashboard. Select "Reading Sprints" from the Zinc pull-down Dashboard.


    Stay safe, stay well,


    Monte J. Scholz

    6th-Grade ELA & Honors ELA Block

    Heatherwood Middle School

    Everett Public Schools