Welcome to Ms. Kalbrener's Class

  • Hello Amazing Students (and parents too)!


    We are starting our next chapter of at-home learning. A few changes in our state have allowed us to revise what our "classrooms" look like pertaining to teaching, learning and assessing. Starting today you will receive assignments and assessments of your learning. We are also introducing new content and learning as well District Resources:

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    Our online classroom plan is not changing, just expanding and evolving. Every Monday I will post entry tasks, reading, and trivia for the week on Canvas. In addition to what we already have started there is a new section for Human Body Systems. This is our next unit of study in 7th grade Science. The unit covers the concept of systems that work together to create the overall function of the human body. After completing an overview we will look at the nervous system and digestive system in greater depth. This will happen through reading, activities, Socrative, and Zoom meetings (which I'm still getting comfortable with) :)

    The biggest change you will notice is feedback and communication from me. I am excited I can now assign and assess your learning. We all need to keep our brains active and engaged during this time, including me!  

    I am going to require that all students check-in with me either Monday or Tuesdays of each week via email, zoom, or on Canvas. I will add a Y or N in the gradebook so students and parents can see and/or be reminded that check-ins are necessary (just as a record sheet-NO GRADE). It would be easy for lots of you to slip in between the cracks and that is the last thing I want. I will host Zoom meetings for everyone to attend on Tuesday and Thursday at 10:00 am. The link will be sent via email and posted on the Canvas Homepage for each class period. During these meetings we are able to review expectations, review content, ask questions, and just say hi to each other. I encourage all students to join the fun. 

    Parents and families, if you have any further questions, please contact me anytime.  The best spot to get all of our classroom material is on our classroom science Canvas.  If you are having troubles, please ask you child as they have been working with that particular platform for at least a year.  

    Take care!

    Mrs. Kalbrener 


    Here is the link for Canvas: https://everettsd.instructure.com/

    Charity Kalbrener