• The Week of October 26                                                                                                                          The Week of November 26
    Mon Oct 29 Lower Gym- Volleyball (setting)                                                          Mon      Nov 26         Lower Gym- Start Piton Rotation     
    Tue Oct 30 Lower Gym- Volleyball (bumping)                                                       Tues      Nov 27         Lower Gym- Piton Rotation
    Wed Oct 31 Portable Day- Goal setting for conferences                                          Wed       Nov 28         Portable Day
    Thu Nov 1 Spin cycle room/Yoga                                                                        Thu        Nov 29         Spin Cycle room/yoga 
    Fri Nov 2 Upper gym activity                                                                            Fri          Nov 30         Upper Gym Activity     
    The Week of November 5
    Mon Nov 5  Lower gym-Volleyball Rotation (Serving)
    Tue Nov 6  Lower gym- volleyball game
    Wed Nov 7  Portable Day
    Thu Nov 8  Spin Cycle room/yoga 
    Fri Nov 9 Upper gym activity
    The Week of November 12
    Mon Nov 12  Veterans Day- no school
    Tue Nov 13  Lower gym- Volleyball game
    Wed Nov 14 Portable Day- 
    Thu Nov 15  Setting Goals for fitness
    Fri Nov 16 Upper gym activity
    The Week of November 19
    Mon Nov 19  Lower gym- Volleyball Rotation (game)
    Tue Nov 20  Lower gym- Volleyball (game)
    Wed Nov 21 Half Day Portable Day
    Thu Nov 22 Thanksgiving
    Fri Nov 23 Thanksgiving
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