• The Week of  January 1st
    Mon  Jan 7 Lower gym- start badminton rotation
    Tue Jan 8 lower gym- start badminton rotation
    Wed Jan 9 Portable Day- 6th grade- Body Composition Body Composition Powerpoint, 7th grade- Principles of Exercise Principles of Exercise, 8th Grade- Stress Stress Powerpoint
    Thu Jan 10 Cycle room 
    Fri Jan 11 Upper gym activity
    The Week of  January 14th
    Mon Jan 14  Lower gym- Pickle Ball
    Tue Jan 15 Lower Gym- Pacer
    Wed Jan 16  Portable Day- 6th grade- Body composition quiz, Class on skill related components of fitnessSkill related components of fitness, 7th grade- Quiz on Principles of Fitness, class video on the human body (pushing the limits) ,8th grade- Crossword puzzle on Stress, Class on Consumer issues.
    Thu Jan 17  Cycle room
    Fri Jan 18  Upper Gym- Activity
    The Week of  January 21st
    Mon Jan 21 No School- Martin Luther King Day
    Tue Jan 22  lower Gym- Pickle Ball
    Wed Jan 23  Portable Day- 6th Grade- Skill related components quiz and Class on bones Bones Powerpoint, 7th Grade- Survey on Lifetime Fitness and video on Human limits. 8th Grade- Survey on Lifetime Fitness and video on Human Limits.
    Thu Jan 24  Cycle room
    Fri Jan 25  Upper gym activity
    The Week of  January 28th
    Mon Jan 28  No School
    Tue Jan 29  Lower Gym- Pickle Ball
    Wed Jan 30  Portable Day- 6th grade- Quiz on bones, class on expectations for sex ed classes. 7th/8th Grade- Class on expectations for sex ed classes
    Thu Jan 31 Cycle room
    Fri Feb 1  Upper Gym Activity

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