•   Week of February 4th
    Mon Feb 4th No School - Snow Day                                         
    Tues Feb 5th No School- Snow Day
    Wed Feb 6th No portable day as 2 hr late start
    Thurs Feb 7th 2 hr late start-
    Fri Feb 8th Upper Gym Activity
        Week of Feb 11th
    Mon Feb 11 Lower Gym- Start Badminton rotation
    Tues Feb 12 Lower gym- badminton rotation
    Wed Feb 13 Portable Day- See January 30th for what we are doing. 
    Thurs Feb 14 spin cycle room
    Fri Feb 15 Upper gym activity
        Week of Feb 18th
    Mon Feb 18 No school- mid winter break
    Tues Feb 19  No school- Mid winter break
    Wed Feb 20  Portable Day- .See January 30th.
    Thurs Feb 21  Spin cycle room
    Fri Feb 22  Upper gym activity
        Week of Feb 25th
    Mon Feb 25 Portable Day- Sex-Ed 6th Grade- Communication/Refusal Skills, Relationships and boundaries 7th Grade- Media Literacy and Sexuality, Sexual Identity 8th grade- Healthy/Unhealthy Relationships, Addressing Obstacles to Abstinence.
    Tues Feb 26 Lower gym- Badminton
    Wed Feb 27  Upper Gym activity 
    Thurs Feb 28  Spin Cycle room
    Fri Mar 1st  LUpper gym activity.
        Week of Feb 
    Mon Feb   
    Tues Feb   
    Wed Feb  
    Thur Mar   
    Fri Mar   


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