• The Week of  March 4th
    Mon Mar 4  Lower gym- Badminton
    Tue Mar 5  Lower Gym- Badminton
    Wed Mar 6  Portable Day- 6th Grade- Relationships and Boundaries, 7th Grade- Creating a Safe School Environment, Deciding about sexual behavior, 8th Grade- Addressing obstacles to Abstinence, Comprehensive Protection methods. 
    Thu Mar 7  Spin Cycle room
    Fri Mar 8  Upper Gym Activity
    The Week of  Mar 11th

    Mar 11

     Lower gym- badminton
    Tue Mar 12  Lower gym- Badminton
    Wed Mar 13  Portable Day- See mar 6th as missed last week.
    Thu Mar 14  Spin cycle room or outside for a run.
    Fri Mar 15  Upper gym Activity
    The Week of  Mar 18th
    Mon Mar 18  Lower gym- Basketball
    Tue Mar 19  Lower gym- Basketball
    Wed Mar 20  Portable day- Sex Ed- 6th grade, Male and Female anatomy and reproduction, 7th Grade- Deciding about sexual behavior and defining and maintaining abstinence, 8th Grade- STI/HIV transmission and living with HIV.
    Thu Mar 21  Spin cycle room or outside run
    Fri Mar 22  Upper gym activity
    The Week of Mar 25th
    Mon Mar 25  Lower gym- Basketball or tennis outside
    Tue Mar 26  Lower gym- Basketball or tennis outside
    Wed Mar 27  Portable day- 6th Grade- Puberty and abstinence, 7th Grade- Defining and Maintaining Abstinence and Introduction to Sexually transmitted Infections, 8th Grade- Living with HIV
    Thu Mar 28  Spin Cycle Room or outside run.
    Fri Mar 29  Upper gym-activity or outside. 
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