• The Week of April  1-5
    Mon 4-1 No School-Spring Break
    Tue 4-2 No School-Spring Break 
    Wed 4-3 No School-Spring Break
    Thur 4-4 No School-Spring Break
    Fri 4-5 No School- Spring break
    The Week of April 8-12
    Mon 4-8 Outside Tennis or lower gym (weather dependent)
    Tue 4-9 Outside tennis or lower gym
    Wed 4-10 Portable day- 6th Grade- Finishing Abstinence and Decision making and Values, 7th Grade- Introductionto Protection Methods, 8th Grade- Refusal Skills. 
    Thur 4-11 Cardio day- inside or outside run
    Fri 4-12 Outside Frisbee or upper gym
    The Week of  April 15-19
    Mon 4-15  Outside tennis or lower gym (weather dependent)
    Tue 4-16

     Outside tennis or lower gym

    Wed 4-17  Portable Day- 6th Grade- Muscles, 7th and 8th Grade- either video on drugs or outside doing ultimate frisbee. 
    Thur 4-18  Cardio Day-inside or outside run
    Fri 4-19  Outside ultimate frisbee or upper gym
    The Week of  April 22-26
    Mon 4-22  Upper gym-Rowing machines
    Tue 4-23  Upper gym- Rowing machines
    Wed 4-24  6th Grade portable- Muscle quiz. Circulatory systems. 7th/8th grade outside activity 
    Thur 4-25  cardio day- mile assessment
    Fri 4-26  Depends on weather- outside if possible
                                          The Week of  April 29- May 3                        
    Mon  4-29  Indoor/outdoor choice activities
    Tues  4-30  Indoor/outdoor choice activities
    Wed  5-1  6th grade portable- Circulatory quiz. Nutrition class. 7th/8th grade outside activity
    Thur  5-2  Indoor/outdoor choice activities
    Fri  5-3  Cardio Cay