• Article Quizzes require students to make a prediction before multiple choice options are revealed. This is an embedded test preparation strategy that allows students to thoughtfully consider what their answer would be without the influence of the multiple choice answers.

    Once students make a prediction and choose a multiple choice option, correct and incorrect answers are explained for self-guided learning.

    Here's a little video about why Zinc asks students to make predictions as they take their quizzes: https://zinclearninglabs.wistia.com/medias/sk99bay7tl

    Tip: Many times the “prompt” in the prediction box reminds students, “the answer is in the text . . . find the text.” I find that—when I can—if I “copy” and “paste” the actual text evidence I think may answer the question (that’s the prediction), I do better in answering the question. Sometimes, I have to paraphrase information from a couple of paragraphs.

    What you should NOT do is type gibberish just to unlock the multiple choice options. That is not using your close reading skills to answer the question.

    From what I can tell, the Article Quiz Score is based on the number of questions a student gets correct on the first attempt. That is the score I log in LMS for the Article Activities.