• Dear Students and Families:


    Kudos and “finger snaps” to the 18 students who have started a Zinc Reading Sprint. (With a total of 80 students in my classes, there is plenty of bandwidth for the other 62 to join in.) 😉


    This morning I posted a Scholastic Scope lesson in our Google Classroom.


    Saving America’s Wolves

    This gripping article draws the reader into the world of the American wolf, exploring how these fearsome and important creatures are making a comeback from near extinction and the threats they continue to face.

    By Kristin Lewis

    From the May 2018 Issue

    Learning Objective: To explore how point of view affects a story.

    Other Key Skills: figurative language, key ideas and details, text structure, text features, text evidence, point of view


    Students can access the article in Scope’s digital platform with our Class Code: Scholz201.


    Accommodations: The digital platform has a text-to-speech function that allows students to follow along as the article is read aloud. Additionally, students can switch to a lower Lexile reading level if necessary.


    Attached to the Google Classroom assignment:

    1. A link to the Scope article, "Saving America's Wolves."
    2. Links to Reference Handouts for Identifying Tone, Tone Words, What Is a Central Idea, and a Glossary of Nonfiction Terms.
    3. Skills Activities Worksheets -- Text Features, Text Structures, Summarizing, Central Ideas and Details, Point of View, and Vocabulary.
    4. End-of-Lesson Quiz – There is a Smarter Balanced Rubric attached for scoring the constructed response questions.


    Students are encouraged to follow the proper format for text-based evidence questions for all the worksheets: Restate the question, Answer the question, Cite text evidence (usually two pieces of evidence), Explain how the evidence supports the answer.


    I will put together another Scope lesson and post it mid-week, next week.


    Stay safe, stay well,


    Monte J. Scholz

    6th-Grade ELA & Honors ELA Block

    Heatherwood Middle School

    Everett Public Schools


    P.S. If students are really interested in this topic . . . here are some additional enrichment resources.


    Website: Wolf Conservation Center

    Explore the website of the Wolf Conservation Center, which includes introductions to the “ambassador” wolves that live at the Center, Species Survival Plans, and live webcam footage from in and around the den sites of wolves.


    TEDtalk: “For more wonder, rewild the world” (15:00)

    Watch the TEDTalk given by George Monbiot, science author and rewilding campaigner, to learn about “rewilding,” that is, restoring natural food chains, like Yellowstone National Park is doing with wolves.

    For a shorter video on the concept of rewilding, watch this Guardian video instead.


    Video: “Photographing the wild wolves of Yellowstone”

    Watch these two National Geographic videos (1) (2) to see nature photographer Ronan Donovan’s work and listen to him describe the challenge of documenting one of Yellowstone’s most elusive and iconic species: the gray wolf.