Making Gay History is a collection of oral history documenting the movement from the 1930s onwards (the title uses the word gay, but the history is inclusive of LGBTQ+ stories). This project partners with GLSEN and schools too. In the podcast, you’ll hear how activists and ordinary LGBTQ+ people channeled their energy to create a better tomorrow for all of us, despite the threats of bodily harm and yes, even persevering a virus.
    If you’re ever feeling lonely, hopeless, or interested in learning about LGBTQ+ elders, listen to our elders’ stories through their own words that Eric Marcus has recorded over the decades. If you start with Season 7, these episodes have just been recorded in the time of COVID-19, from Eric’s New York apartment where he and his partner are sheltering in place.

    A big Thank You to our LGBTA+ elders in our WA and WEA community!

    Click the link here:    Voices of History From LGBTQ Elders