• Scope: My History Project


    Dear Students and Families:


    Over the course of the closure, I have been reading an ongoing series in Crosscut by historian Knute Berger on the impacts of the 1918 flu in the Pacific Northwest. The parallels to what we are experiencing today with the COVID-19 pandemic are fascinating.


    Then I had a moment of realization. A hundred years from now, people will be reading about our experiences. Historians will learn from the experiences of people who went through this unique time in history – people like you and your family. Your stories matter.

    Scholastic Scope to the rescue. 😊 They have launched their My History Project.

    The education editors at Scholastic Scope have created a menu of writing prompts and creative project ideas for students to choose from. Students are also encouraged to create projects of their own design or to combine some of the ideas Scope has provided.

    So, our last Scope Lesson Package of the year will be one where students can be as creative as they dare. 🤔


    Scope: My History Project


    Watch the embedded video in the attached link introducing the project.

    Project Ideas: The attached link lists nine (9) ideas for how you can document your experiences.

    Choose one, combine a few, or invent your own.

    Each idea also has embedded links to help you plan and/or create your project.

    (Note: For students who might choose the poetry option--check out this poem and video by Scope writer Jennifer Dignan. You may want to use her format as a model for one of your own poems. You could even video record it as she does.) 


    Written documents and slide presentations and some videos can be uploaded in this assignment and turned in to me through the Google Classroom. Projects using other platforms or formats may have to be attached to an email and sent to me.

    I have made the deadline for this project Tuesday, June 16. That will allow students who are working on their projects the ability to count them toward the last "attendance/engagement" window of the school year. However, if you want any constructive feedback from me regarding your project, it will need to be submitted by Friday, June 12.

    I don't have to be your only audience, though . . .

    Scholastic Scope is also inviting students to share their stories with them. Student submissions should come directly through their parent/guardian. Scholastic cannot accept submissions directly from students. Submissions directly from students will be deleted without further notice to the student who made the submission. If your story is selected and your parent/guardian agrees, Scholastic may publish your story in its magazines or online. (See directions on the web page for further details.)



    Have fun . . . be creative . . . make history.


    Stay safe, stay well,

    Monte J. Scholz

    6th-Grade ELA & Honors ELA Block

    Heatherwood Middle School

    Everett Public Schools