Summarizing Diffusion of an Egg in Solutions

Posted by Becky Bruscas on 4/10/2020 10:40:00 AM

For April 1-13: Complete Diffusion of a Chicken Egg Investigation by summarizing using CER. "C" means state your Claim; "E" stands for Explain your Evidence; and, "R" stands for final Results. Diffusion is seen when a teabag placed in hot water. Daily video demstrations and the lab worksheet and data table are located in Google Classroom. You will loacte the videos posted in the Stream posts of Google Classroom. And, Google Classroom, Classwork has the lab worksheets and data table uploaded for you to complete. The video demonstrations highlight how to complete these worksheets. After completing this lab, you should better understand what diffusion and osmosis mean.


Questions: How does our body get its energy? How is food diffused into the bloodstream? What does the egg investigation have to do with the food we eat? 


Attached link to view about the Digestive System: (Focus on the Small Instestine information in this article)



Looking ahead: April 13th, we will end the Digestive System unit and merge into the Respiratory System.

April 13 - 17: Respiratory System menu choice list

From the menu, choose 3 activities to complete and submit. This Menu List will be shared in Google Classroom's Stream by 8 pm on April 12th.