Update: Solar System Planetary Journey & Scaled Models

Posted by Becky Bruscas on 5/30/2020 10:00:00 AM

Earth's Atmospere

Let's take a journey to learn about our astounding Solar System!

We began our Journey on May 25 and we will conclude the Solar System scale models and planetary investigation Google Slides on June 8. For this week (6/1 - 6/7), take time to complete science assignments. We will introduce the idea about gravity as a force with video and during Zoom instructions this week. If you are all caught up, take time to investigate the outdoors. Or, try doing a STEM Challenge.

Solar System Scale Scroll Model: This is a link to another way to create your scale model.

Now that we know the uniqueness about Earth supporting life, we can now compare other planets in our Solar System as well as some other Outer-Space phenomena. This activity along with creating a solar system scale model will take time. On May 28, we completed a solar system scale table to help us build our own models. I showed various ideas of how to build these models. For June 4th Zoom, I would enjoy you taking a picture of your model for us to applaud.

Quest of Our Solar System:


Google Slides: Quest of Our Solar System Share-out: