Book and stones
  • NEWS FLASH:  Reading over the summer is enjoyable AND tremendously beneficial


    Sure!  You are aware that students who read over the summer excel in math, reading, and problem solving¹, but they also reap emotional and health benefits such as increased empathy² and decreased stress³.


    Students at Heatherwood love to read.  Everett Public Schools has one simple requirement for students entering 7th-12th grade over the summer:

    • Read ONE book over the summer that makes you think 
    • The book can be in any genre and is the student's choice
    • Pass an AR test on that book (70%)

    Students entering 6th grade are required to read one of the titles listed on the summer reading brochure (linked) and pass an AR test at 70%.


    Then keep reading! Read widely and read for fun. When you have completed a book, take an AR test to qualify for prizes.




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