Immediately change the free trial over to 3-year education account. Do not let this expire. Doing this on day one will save headaches down the road.

    Fusion 360 Registration


    Checking Your District Email


    1. Open Google Chrome 2. Go to www.portal.office.com

    3. Sign in with your student email: studentnumber@apps.everettsd.org

    Example might look like this: 221131@apps.everettsd.org

    a. It may ask you to verify your account

    b. You will get a welcome message from Office 365. Close this screen.

    4. You will see icons of the programs you have available in Office 365: Word, PowerPoint Excel Etc. You can access these from ANY device.

    5. Your EMAIL is called OUTLOOK. Click on the icon for Outlook.

    6. To email, click the NEW button at the top.

    7. To email a STUDENT, type the first few letters of their last name.

    a. You will see that names appear, make sure to choose the right student.

    b. If names don’t appear, click the search button and it will look through all student names.

    8. To email a TEACHER, type the first few letters of their last name. You will see that names appear.

    a. Teacher emails end with @everettsd.org

    b. If a teacher name appears with a G symbol in front of it, this is not their email, use the one with their picture next to it.

    9. Remember email etiquette before you hit SEND:

    a. Write a subject for your email so the receiver knows what it is about.

    b. Write in complete sentences.

    c. Avoid slang, emojis and texting language (ex: LOL).

    d. Email is a professional way to communicate – think of this as your “work” email.

    The district can see EVERYTHING you write, so be appropriate and kind!