• In this 'Instructable' I will show you the method of how to make your very own multifunctional egg cup. Are you tired of having to hold your chocolate Easter egg when trying to brake into it? If yes, then fear no more as you can now make an egg cup that can hold your boiled egg for breakfast and your chocolate egg for snacking.

    These screen grabs represent the method of how I made my design,

    To produced the CAD for my final design I used Fusion 360 from Autodesk as my chosen CAD package. This was because it is free for students to download and use. Helpful tutorial can be found at http://fusion360.autodesk.com/resources

    Egg Cup


    I made some very personal chess pieces using my voice. Each piece is based on the shape of the sound I made while saying its name. It’s not a complete set, since the other side should be done the same way, but with the voice of my opponent.

    This is just a simple project to show how to import SVG files into Fusion 360, and use them to create solid bodies.

    It's not the easiest workflow, but it should be easy to replicate.

    Spoken Chess Piece


    In this course, we'll create a customizable device stand to hold mobile devices for the company ModernDesigns. The provided product specifications call for a fully sculptured product that has sleek curves, hollowed out with charger cord management. You create a model that is easily customizable by customers and can be applied to new phones as they come to market.

    As a second challenge, we'll design a personal aluminum device stand with the provided criteria. Use aluminum to manufacture the part and add innovative and functional features to show off to potential customers.

    To further your skills, explore one or more of the assignments created for this project. It’s a great opportunity to apply and refine your skills and to work towards becoming an Autodesk Fusion 360™ Certified User.

    3D Device Base