• Week 1

    Matisse Eye Drawing

    Curious about other art Magritte has created? Watch this short slide show to see where the inspiration came from for this project!




    The idea behind the eye is to draw something you are looking at. Preferabbly something you enjoy or one of your favorite things. I chose a beach sunset. Attached is a word document showing examples of the same project. Maybe they will get your brain juices flowing. 

    Supplies: white paper, pencil, colored pencils and a circle template. (this could be a bowl or something around the house)

    Step one: To be done with a regular pencil. Draw the big circle of the eye. This is supposed to be fairly large, so go big or go home! I used a circle template to help get me started. 

    Step Two: Draw the pupil of the eye and the surrounding eye parts. 

    Step Three: Think if what you want to draw on the inside. Brainstorm with someone around you or look at the examples attached. Draw with detail...remember craftsmanship!

    Step Four: After everything is drawn in pencil, trace with a black colored pencil. Then proceed to color the rest with colored pencils.