• Week 10

    Contrasting Emoji's


    This will be our last art project for the year. The last two weeks of school you will still have an art assignment, but they will not be projects. Have fun with this one and be creative!

    Something you want to keep in mind while working on this project is contrast. You really want your emoji's to stand out from their background color. Choose wisely:) Let's begin. 


    8x8 white paper



    markers or whatever you have. 

    ruler (optional)

    Step One: Using your pencil, divide your paper into four sections. I  measured 4 inches on each side and then drew lines. After drawing the lines with pencil, I traced over them with sharpie to make them more bold.  

     emoji emoji

    Step Two: Using a cup and pencil, trace 4 circles, one in each section. Trace each circle with a sharpie. Use a pencil and draw your favorite Emoji's. Remember craftsmanship! 


    Step Three: Trace everything with a fine tip sharpie. Erase all pencil marks.


    Step Four: Using markers, color in your background and Emoji's using contrasting colors. Make your Emoji's pop!


    Don't forget to email me your amazing art! SPlatteborze@everettsd.org