• Earth Day Tropical Fish

    finihed fish

    Watch a video tutorial from Mrs. Platteborze HERE: Tropical Fish

    Did you know that April 22nd is Earth Day? It is a day we celebrate our planet and try to remember to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Our project today is to reuse an item from your house to make a tropical fish! I will be using an old pizza box for my project. What will you use?


    Cardboard or something like it.




    Water container

    Extra Cardboard (for paint pallet) 



    1. find an old piece of cardboard… I chose a pizza box.
    2. box
    3. Cut it down to a large piece of cardboard. 
    4. Using the drawing guide below (or create your own!), draw a tropical fish with pencil.
    5. fish guide draw
    6. Cut out your fish.
    7. Paint your fish white or a light color
    8. .white fish
    9. Once it dries, decorate your fish with many bright colors, patterns and designs. Mix colors if you like!
    10. pallet
    11. Email your finished product to your art teacher. We’d love to put them on our website!