• WEEK 12!

    Summer is just around the corner!

    It’s always nice to have a few fun things to keep busy during summer break. While the summer season is usually full of sunshine and nice warm days, there are those days when the heat is too much or the weather is rainy. That’s why we wanted to create a list of summer crafts for kids to help you enjoy some creative fun with the kids when going outside isn’t an option.


    Start your summer right by making something nice for father's day! Remember this is also a day to celebrate those in your life that are a great example to you even if they aren't dad. Grandpas, Uncles, big brothers, anyone who you'd like to honor or celebrate, it is up to you! 



    Here’s what you’ll need:

    • 12″ x 9″ white paper for the drawing
    • 14″ x 12″ colored paper for background (use whatever you have that works at home)
    • Paper scraps for bow tie
    • Liquid tempera paint: skin, shirt, hair and background colors
    • Waterproof black marker (I like Sharpie Brand)
    • Chalk pastels and markers or color pencils
    • Scissors & glue


    Step One:


    Step Two:


    Step Three:


    Step Four:


    Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!



    Summer Art Fun Choices Below: 


    Using card stockcreate the color wheel above. Each container of Play-Doh yields about 30 pieces (this is dependent on how big you make the balls. I would try for the size of a red grape).

    Start with 3 balls of Play-Doh. Place the yellow ball on the “yellow” on the colorwheel. Do the same for the red and blue. 

    Pinch off a piece of the red ball and a piece from the yellow ball and squeeze, squish and roll together. You’ll know whether you are on the right track by the squeals of delight from your kids.

    Once the color is created, place that color ball on the space between the two colors that made it.

    Repeat with the other colors.


    Found Object Art Fun

     object art art


    Have you ever imagined your cheddar goldfish were real fish under the ocean? Have your ever found objects around your house that looked like a face? That’s what using your IMAGINATION is all about. Let’s take a look at some examples… using pecans, a rubber band, and a paperclip! Have fun being creative and making some art using these everyday objects. 


    We are all so proud of you and ALL the hard work and preservance you have shown these last 3 months of online learning. I know it hasn't been easy and I'm just so proud of you all! I will miss you this summer but can't wait until we see eachother again in the classroom!  :) 

    -Mrs. Russell