• Week 9


    I can use my fine motor skills to tear pieces of paper into tiny squares to make my American Flag project.

    Remember to work on your craftsmanship skills and take your time and do your BEST! I hope to see a picture of you and your American Flag when you finish! 



    12″ x 18″ white paper

    Blue paper scraps (if you have tissue paper that works great too)

    Red paper scraps



    Draw a box and lines on a piece of 12″ x 18″ white paper and then fill the square with torn blue scraps of paper. Add red papers of all textures and shades to the stripes.

    This is a great exercise in fine motor skills as the children focus on tearing the paper into tiny bits. Some kids will even get clever and added white stars.


     This project is suggested to be completed in 1 session @ 35/40 minutes.

    Don't forget to email your art teacher Mrs. Russell or Mrs. Platteborze a picture of you and your finished art so we can see what AMAZING work you created. We will then put your picture on our art webpage under ART SHOWCASE. I know everyone misses seeing each other and our awesome art so this gives us a way to still do that.