• Week Three

    Mister Fish Watercolor

     Mister Fish Watercolor


    Today I will learn about WATERCOLOR RESIST so I CAN color with oil pastels and know that where I don’t color, the paint will stick.

    During this lesson we will focus on our ELEMENTS OF ART (SHAPE/VALUE/ LINE) but will also have a literature connection using the book Mister Seahorse by Eric Carle. Click here to listen to the story.

     book read aloud

    There’s more to Mister Seahorse than just the seahorse. Of course, he is the star of the show but the book is brimming with many supporting actors…Mr. Bullhead, Mr. Stickleback, and Mr. Tilapia to name a few. Encourage your child to remember the supporting roles as they draw their fish making sure that their fish has a head, body, tail and fins. The is such a beautiful book that it remains one of my favorites and I love to read it with my own kids.

    Day 1: Drawing your fish

    Step One:

    Get your supplies ready and listen to read aloud, link above.

    Step Two: 

    Talk about the fish shapes and describe the various fish habitats. (5 minutes) 

    Watch this Instructional Video on how to draw your fish and pause after drawing demo. Give your child a piece of paper and oil pastel and allow them to draw the fish body (10 minutes)

    Step Three: 

    Using more oil pastel colors, color the fish and seaweed (30 minutes)

    Watch remaining video and pause allowing your child to finish their painting by using the watercolor as a wash over the oil pastel. (10 minutes).

    This is a good place to end your lesson for today. If you want to continue feel free by continuing to do the steps below.


    Day 2: Adding Detail

    Step Four:

    Add tissue paper details. (20 minutes) 

    Step Five:

    After the fish is finished, the children can pick one color to paint the background. (5 minutes)

    Step Six:

    Clean up time. (5 mintues)


    12” x 18” white sulphite paper

    Colored oil pastels

    • Turquoise or blue liquid watercolor paint

    • Tissue Paper

    • White glue mixed w/ water

    • Bruse for glue

    • Scissors

    • Foam craft sheets (optional)

    This project is suggest to be completed in 2 sessions @ 30/40 minutes each.