• Week 11

    Reflection is part of art. Many famous artists take the time to look back on their work to see how they can improve, or to see how they have improved. This week, I want you to look back at some of our art projects. I want you to reflect on a couple of things.

    First, what Elements of Art do you see in them? Are there more than one?



    Second, what kind of craftsmanship did you show for each piece? If you had to grade yourself, what would that grade be?

    Image result for art craftsmanship rubric | Art rubric, Rubrics ...

    Last, how do you feel about your art? What emotions come to mind when you look at it? Happy, sad, lonely, excited, etc...?

    viking toucan onepoint

    line yoda emoji

    fish eye cinco

    eagle All About Me Shoe Design Activity (With images) | Back to school ...Wonder and Kindness (With images) | Teaching wonder, Wonder ...

    As you reflect, keep in mind that all artists are a work in progress. That's what makes art great! I love looking back at my art and seeing that I have improved and that I've made something special. How about you?