• Welcome to week Two! 

    Our project this week will  be a watercolor Toucan.The inspiration comes from artist Henri Rousseau. Please read a little about him before your project. Below is a list of supplies, an attachment the includes sample toucans and a how to drawing page, and a video to folow long with! If you do not have watercolors at home, you can use markers and turn them into watercolors. How? Start by coloring a little with the marker. Then get a wet paintbrush and start spreading the marker ink around. That's it! 




    Henri Rousseau worked as a toll booth operator in Paris and dreamt of becoming a famous painter. It wasn’t until he was in his forties that he started painting. After work, he spent many hours creating his art and joined a group of artists who exhibited their work without the approval of the official Salon—which at the time, was the only way to be taken serious as a working artist. Art critics laughed at Rousseau’s self-taught style and said it was simple looking. But other artists encourage Rousseau who told him that his paintings were very good. Rousseau loved painting pictures of the jungle even though he had never been to one. He visited zoo’s and botanical gardens in Paris and studied the animals and nature around him. Rousseau’s paintings often resembled illustrations in a storybook. He worked on his paintings very slowly, inch by inch. Towards the end of his life, a few people paid him to create paintings for them but his artwork was not recognized until after he died. Now his artwork hangs in the world’s best museums. 

    • I can use line and space to draw my toucan. I can use contrast to make the toucan stand out from the background.

    Toucan Examples

    Supplies Needed:

    12x18 white paper (use what you have. If you use smaller, draw smaller)

    Black oil pastel ( you can use black crayon)

    Water color paints (or markers with a paintbrush)

    Toucan guide

    Toucan Video

    When you have finished your Toucan, have your parents email a picture to your art teacher. Either Mrs. Russell at arussell@everettsd.org or Mrs. Platteborze at splatteborze@everettsd.org 

    We would LOVE to give you some feedback and share your art on our Webpage Art Showcase